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Providing the best security solutions in Wilmington, DE, Kalix Locksmith is among the most reliable locksmith companies. Our locksmith experts and tools are what enable us to provide luxurious service, and we can only perform locksmith work with them. While providing locksmith services to our customers, our mobile van is always equipped with the essential locksmith tools.

In order to solve all your lock and key problems, we use the following locksmith tools:

Key Cutting Machines

We specialize in making different types of keys at Kalix Locksmith. No matter what your property type is, whether it’s residential, commercial, or even your vehicle, we’ve got you covered. There are a lot of critical steps involved in making a key, and you need the right tool to create a key that is 100% accurate and functional. The most accurate key for your lock is made by cutting it using key-cutting machines. Our locksmiths can make duplicate keys by using these key-cutting machines.

Lock Pick Guns

Picking a lock is done with these lock pick guns. We have highly skilled and trained locksmiths who can use this tool successfully because it requires precision and a strong grasp of the tool.


We use tweezers as an extension of our hands during the process of replacing or rekeying locks. As a result of the tips of the tweezers, the pins that are in the lock are easily picked up and controlled, and this makes it easier to remove the broken key part from the lock.

Tensions Tools

Lock picking is done with tension tools or tension wrenches by our locksmiths. When lock picking, this tool helps to maintain pin tension and keep the picks in place. Additionally, our locksmiths have advanced tension tools with light-emitting features. These tools help them to discern what is inside the lock when picking it.

Key Extractors

Having one of these in our toolbox will ensure that we can remove broken keys or key parts from locks on a daily basis. It is thin in shape and comes in a variety of sizes. The size of the tool is selected based on the complexity of the broken key problem. Our well-trained locksmith uses this specific tool to remove broken key pieces in minutes.

Drilling machine

A locksmith’s most essential and most common tool is this one. Kalix Locksmith uses drilling machines every day during our locksmith work, and it is one of our most valuable tools. We can’t work without this specific tool.

Key decoder

The pin depth of different keys can be determined by using key decoders, which are typically plastic or metal cards. In order to figure out how deep the pins are inside the lock, we use this tool.Besides these tools, we use many other tools to make our locksmith service easy and quick for you.

Kalix Locksmith: All the locksmith services you need in one place:

The locksmith services we provide to our clients are always functional and of the highest quality. In addition to our extensive and professional experience, we are equipped with all the advance tools and equipment. The lock and key issues you may be experiencing will be resolved with all the tools we have available.
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