Spare Keys Made

The Kalix Locksmith is capable of making spare keys the first time and making sure they work properly. You can have spare keys made quickly and affordably by our professional locksmiths. Your spare key will be tested by our mobile locksmith professionals before they leave. In the chance of an issue with the new spare key, they will handle it while they are with you. It is common to make duplicate keys through a process known as key cutting. It is essential to cut blank keys precisely and accurately. The locksmiths at our company make thousands of keys every year.
Using the newest and most innovative locksmith equipment, Locksmith Pros specialize in providing outstanding locksmith services. The process of making duplicate keys requires the skills of a professional locksmith. The original key is used too often to make a spare, and you take it to the nearest hardware store or home improvement store to make it. The spare key is made, but you find it does not work properly when you try to use it. Therefore, you need to have the key remade where you had it made

Key cutting service

Key cutting is another term for making duplicate keys. The most standard types of locks are pin locks and tumbler locks. Different pin depths are used in these types of locks to create a unique pattern. Pressure is applied to the pins, which are held in place by a series of springs. The pins in the lock move upward when a key is inserted. Shear lines are formed when all the pins go into the correct position and move as they should. Turning the key and unlocking or locking the door is possible if all of the pins are in the right places. A locked door will only open if the pins are lined up properly with the key. Therefore, it is crucial that the key is tested in the lock as soon as possible. If the key fails to fit, Kalix locksmith can fix it at the right time.

Why it's essential having a spare key?

You can avoid being locked out by having a key copy or duplicate if you don’t want to be locked out. Besides saving you time and money, it might also save your day. Knowing that the key is nearby will allow you to rest peacefully at night, knowing that in the moment of an emergency, you have a solution stashed somewhere.
It’s great to have spare keys when you’re locked out of your home or vehicle. Families or neighbors can also receive spare keys, depending on the circumstances. You can also use spare keys to prevent being locked out in the event that you forget your keys somewhere. While you are waiting for your regular set of keys to arrive, you can use the spare to gain access.
Hence it is essential having a spare key with you in case of emergency. Moreover, it is also imperative that you use the right team of professionals like Kalix Locksmith to make your spare key so it works properly for you.
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