Residential Lock Hardware

Our Kalix Locksmith store offers a wide selection of locks, door hardware, systems, and security solutions. Our knowledgeable team works with you to tailor an appropriate security solution for you and your family based on your needs.
Residential lock hardware

High-security Residential Lock Hardware

Typical generic locks sold at big box stores have easily replicable keys. The price you pay for a weak sense of security at home is a bigger one than that of a cheaper alternative. You can get more knowledge about the level of protection provided by your current locks by contacting us, and we can provide an assessment of your home’s security. Kalix Locksmith delivers the latest technologies and innovations for enhancing and upgrading your home’s security system, such as these:

Trustable providers of residential lock hardware

You can rely on our professional Kalix Locksmith when you need professional residential security consulting. There are a variety of high-security key and lock products available from Kalix Locksmith, including:

The products we use

In order to secure your home, you should pay attention to the brand of your door lock. It’s pointless to have an expensive door if the door lock is not reputable and trusted.
Below are the top most trusted door lock brands we use.


There is no doubt that Kwikset is one of the most commonly used lock brands in the United States. Regardless of whether you know this brand by name or not, you’ve most likely used its products. Due to their popularity, these locks appear on every door in every home. There are a number of cheap Kwikset models available in the market, and they are worth the money. The lock can also be picked and bumped open easily.


There is a good possible chance that you will see Schlage locks in home improvement stores. It is slightly more expensive to buy Schlage locks compared to Kwikset. They are more difficult to pick and bump since they are made from a sturdier material. The Kwikset company offers a variety of models, but when you compare it with the Schlage company, the latter lock company is significantly better. It is pretty obvious from the population of interested people who use this lock that trust is placed in the brand, just like with Kwikset.


Medeco, Corbin Russwin, Yale, and Mult-T-Lock are brands owned and manufactured by ASSA-Abloy. The company offers a variety of security parts, but the door lock brands are the most popular.

Kalix Locksmith Residential Lock Hardware for the best security

You can protect your family and possessions while enhancing the appearance of your home. Whether you need arts and crafts hardware or crystal and brass hardware, Kalix Locksmith can install it for you. When it comes to replacing locks and hardware, Kalix Locksmith is the company to call.
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