Your lock cylinder is rekeyed when you give it a new key combination so that only a newly installed key can be used to unlock it. It is recommended that you rekey your locks every few years by some experts. However, there are specific situations when your lock should always be rekeyed:
It is highly recommended that you rekey your locks whenever your keys have been out of your control for a significant period of time. The time it takes someone to copy your key is only about 30 minutes, and a warning not to copy the key rarely works. You should consider rekeying if your key has been accessed by several people in the past.

About Kalix Locksmith Rekeying Service

Would you be astonished to learn that you are not required to purchase a new lock to change the keys that operate your business? Rekeying your locks is fast and easy and can be completed by a trained locksmith in one of our vans or in our shop at your convenience.

Benefits of Lock Rekeying

It may be advantageous to replace a lock, but in most cases, rekeying will be the better option. Rekeying a lock offers many advantages, including:
If you replace the pins instead of replacing the lock, it is much cheaper than buying new locks
Your previous locks will remain yours. Your locks aren’t only advantageous because they are much cheaper – they may also match your home’s color. Your locks may not match the style of your home if you need to replace them, so it is possible chances that there are no suitable replacements available.
It is up to your choice how they are configured. You can also modify the locks so they work with your existing keys. You will be able to enjoy additional convenience if you rekey your locks.

Kalix locksmith efficient rekeying service

Despite the name “changing the locks,” lock rekeying allows you to keep your existing lock while replacing the code so that only you and your family have access. Rekeying is one of the services we provide at The Kalix Locksmith, both on a scheduled basis and in the case of a locksmith emergency.
The emergency service can be used if a person with access to a key should no longer be allowed access to the building and the locks must be changed quickly. On the other hand, our scheduled service involves our workers visiting your place on your time and checking that the new combination of the key is working correctly and is in the right place. Do not forget to contact the Kalix locksmith location near you to get benefits from our highly professional and affordable rekeying and other locksmith services. Our workers do the best locksmith work and always leave an excellent impression.
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