Push To Start Keys

If something revolutionary is introduced that enhances a car’s features, you can be sure that carmakers will find a way to connect it to future models. One such feature is the push-button start that has been integrated into cars by automakers. Despite the fact that push-button start is not something new (it has existed for decades), more carmakers are adopting it. Future cars will probably feature this as standard equipment.

Push-button start-up: what does it entail?

It is the same as keyless ignition. The days of unlocking, locking, and starting your car with your keys are long gone in modern cars. You can start and stop your vehicle with just a button instead of inserting and turning your key.

Electronic fob

Electronic key fobs are used in conjunction with the push button feature. Smart keys and proximity keys are other names for electronic key fobs. Key fobs are electronic devices used to unlock, lock, and start cars. Key fobs communicate with cars using unique coding through antennae or sensors installed in the car. Additionally, it can be carried in a pocket or purse by a driver.

When it comes to "push button" starts, what are its advantages?

Technology and features developed by car manufacturers are constantly improving the performance of cars. It is convenient and secure to start a vehicle with the push of a button.


You can strengthen your vehicle’s anti-theft features with the keyless ignition function. The system makes it difficult for potential thieves to steal your vehicle, although it isn’t perfect. When the electronic key fob does not transmit the right code, the car’s engine cannot start. In some manufacturers, you can program the ignition circuit to shut off if you mess with it.


The ease of not having to fumble for your keys when opening and starting your car comes into play. Get rid of the hassle of inserting keys! No matter where you have the fob, you’re good to go as distant as you have it with you. You will be allowed to press the start button once the code is transmitted to the car’s computer!


The push-start button feature isn’t perfect, just like everything else in life. Among its disadvantages is its high cost. Cars with keyless ignition often come with the installation included in their price. As an optional feature, it may also be available. Additionally, if you ever need to enhance your fob, you will have to pay for it. Whenever you find yourself in the unfavorable position of owning a broken fob key, don’t hesitate to dial Kalix Locksmith right away! The fob key can not only be replaced quickly; it can also be reprogrammed. The impressive part is that we come to you since we’re a mobile locksmith!

Looking for an auto locksmith Push to start keys service

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